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1 June 2012. Chapel Off Chapel Theatre, Melbourne

jacqui 02.01.2013 22:37

Such a clever and imaginative translation of mythological characters into a modern world setting. So very relevant and thought provoking. Brilliant acting and s

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30.08 | 10:48

I liked this sharing and gonna pass through this to my father after ending mine Hope he will like this.

02.07 | 03:48

Stay tuned my friend! Thanks

01.07 | 10:15

So I hear your next book is going to be coming out soon MR Palmieri...
That's fantastic and I for one can't wait!!

13.01 | 23:50

Aneila welcome to our forum and for your contribution. Unfortunately our system allows for only 140 characters, could you please expand after "However"? Thank U