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New preview from the book by Pasquale M Palmieri

LOVE YOU DAD, excerpt from TAKE 15, page 121

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“Jill has a great relationship with her dad. I want to be Jill’s

husband and the father of our children, and take care of them as

dad has done with us”

Chad moved away from Jill who was still holding his hand and

leaned over the edge of the table, towards Jack, mimicking a slap to

his face.

“Jack-Jack... Bro, wake up! Become accountable to a woman and she’ll leave you in disgust the instant you aren’t needed any more, you fool! She’ll dump you like a used tampon! You’ll never become a real man by being predictable, amenable and looking after children… Yes, Ok, you might eventually be a ‘wowman’ for a moment… Get it? A ‘wow-man’… You might get some brownie points, seen as a politically correct statement on legs, but boring as hell. A boring husband. The wow factor dissipates quickly once it’s taken for granted, it loses the second ‘W’, it starts sounding much more like a simple ’wo-man’…”

Chad paused a moment to make sure he had the undivided attention of his audience.

“… And that’s the end, because a woman needs a MAN who possesses her, not another woman. A man who can firmly keep her on track, ride her as he would ride his horse. A man with a firm hand, who knows what he wants and who can read the map of life… Women need men who can read maps right, because they can’t! They need someone to lead and show the way. Women don’t need women, they need we-men… ‘WE MEN’! That’s how we men become and stay forever WOW-MEN… I believe in my dad’s theory”

Hard to tell who was doing the talking. If it was Chad or his dad, or his dad through Chad. Enough to restrain from any stingy response, apart from the usual ‘you’re such a chauvinistic pig!’ shot with intellectual superiority and a slight lift to the side of that tiny facial muscle between the top lip and the nose. How could anyone be mad at Chad? He had such an angelic look behind the many layers of irresistible Romeo, French gigolo, arrogant know-it-all, uppish British colonial expat, insolent smart-ass, and American Marlboro Country cowboy.

A better looking, more perturbing double of Brad Pitt.

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