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I was born and lived in Roma, Italia, before moving to Canada and the US where I finished my studies in architecture, later becoming a renegade architect… That’s me…

Gypsy by definition and researcher by devotion, I now happen to live in Melbourne, Australia enjoying photography and writing. Playwright and author of several novels with a non-fiction book about marriage and divorce, and an award-winning theatre play… That’s what I do…


Love You Dad

Made in Melbourne. Cahan Conan Connell (Kane) is a young, talented musician and the single father of a 7 year old girl, Kelly.
He loses both his parents in a car accident when he is only 3 years old, and is raised by his older sister Cara on the family dairy farm.

A testosterone charged tale of love, fear, friendship, manliness, single parenting and musical passion spanning over three continents: Australia, North America and Europe.

40 Something

Made in Melbourne. A window of a few weeks in the life of twelve friends, their relationships, their fears, their idiosyncrasies and their dreams.

They come from varied paths and cultural backgrounds, reflecting the reality (and the miracle) of today’s cosmopolitan Australia, sharing their day-to-day experiences, hopes, emotions, frustrations and life’s gifts around a big dining table sitting all twelve of them.

The Fiction is set in contemporary Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay

Please Read Me

Before you commit to a relationship.

With this non-fiction work Pasquale, a survivor of two divorces, wishes to expose the contrast existing between the ancient values of the past that we keep applying to our lives and the changes that have hijacked and shaped our present.

In today’s life, how can we maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship?


  • Some Superficial Facts and Figures Excerpt from “Please Read Me” “In our times just 3 out of 10 newlyweds will stay married to their original partners (and counting…) It sounds like a catastrophic prediction of a typical millennium crossing. That is if one actually believes surveys. Let’s have a look at some old statistics from the…

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  • Hey, Dad, did you say women or we-men? Excerpt from “Love You Dad” “Yes, Ok, you might eventually be a ‘wowman’ for a moment… Get it? A ‘wow-man’… You might get some brownie points, seen as a politically correct statement on legs, but boring as hell. A boring husband. The wow factor dissipates quickly once it’s taken…

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  • Is falling in love @ 60/70+ marvellous or ridiculous? Would this excerpt from “40 Something” still fit the occasion or sound ridiculous? “Their heartbeat could almost be heard outside their bodies when their lips touched, a soft touch, gently pulling each other in, with their fingers entangled as if they wanted never to be apart…

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